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Ich kann es kaum in Worte fassen wie sehr ich mich über dieses Feature
in der russische Marie Claire (September) freue. Hier lest das ganze Interview:

How can you describe your personal style?
Spur of the moment, and the main goal is always to feel good. Clothes are only alive if you feel good. I also love a pattern mix and combine my hippest pieces even if they do not seem to match at first glance. 

What do you do when you have free time?
Well, I only really have free time when my son is sleeping. Then I either cook something delicious or browse through Instagram till I drop.

Do you have some special style tips for vacation?
As soon as I am on vacation, my skin is also on vacation: make-up is absolutely off-limits for me. I usually hide my hair under a pretty silk turban in order to avoid bad hair days and to protect it from the sun and the salt. I always pack white crochet or lace dresses, they make you look tanned from day one and are appropriate during the day but also in the evening. And I only wear Birkenstock sandals.

Your favorite designer?
Karin Veit for Marc Cain, she always manages to capture the spirit of a period. All her pieces can be combined with each other again and again // Isabel Marant and the German newcomer Johanna Junker, who is not so well known to date

Your style-icon?
Brigitte Bardot, Kate Bosworth and Natalia Vodianova

Favorite thing? (it can be a toy, jewelry, a bag, a pair of shoes, a key-chain. Anything that is dear to you)
My necklace with a gold-plated key; it’s the key to my padlock in Paris 😉 Very cheesy but beautiful!

Fashion must-have?
A Chanel bag and a well fitting trench coat. They are both always appropriate!

Your favorite fashion moment. When and where do you think you were dressed the best?
At my wedding in a dress by Johanna Junker

Favorite musician/ song?
Wonderwall from Oasis // Addicted to love from florence and the machine

Favorite book/film?
Mary Poppins // Elizabethtown

Favorite place in the world?
Sunday morning in bed with my family, regardless of where we are in the world

Favorite café/bar/restaurant in the world?
The small café in Paris on the corner, you know which one I mean 😉

Favorite dish/cuisine?
Sushi and Butter on a fresh Bread

What do you think is your most important achievement in life?
To have become a mother

Do you do charity?
I regularly donate my clothes to charitable institutions or participate in flea markets for charity

What should a person do or what place should he visit before he dies?
Difficult to say, I myself haven’t seen enough. I think it’s important that you were happy.

What makes you sad?

What should not be missed in 2015?
A visit to my blog:

Where should one go this year?
Maybe to Russia 😉 I’ve never been there before

What are your priorities in life?
Health and Discipline

Vielen vielen Dank Marie Claire & liebe Grüße nach Russland!


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  1. says: Kathi

    Wie cool! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ein Instagrambild von mir war mal in einer Glamourausgabe, das hat mich schon riesig gefreut, aber so ein Feauture ist natürlich noch mal was ganz anderes. Sehr schön 🙂

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